Published on: 29/04/2024

Bora Muzhaqi in a meeting with the Local Youth Council of Korça

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Beyond the support that the National Youth Strategy 2022-2029 offers to young people across the country by addressing the demands that young people made about 3 years ago, the Minister of State for Youth and Children, Bora Muzhaqi has again undertaken a commitment to consult with KVRs, online or physically, to be informed about the new needs and demands they have, and to address them. Within this initiative, the Minister of State for Youth and Children together with the director of the National Youth Agency met with the Local Youth Council of Korça. With the young people of the Korçë Local Youth Council and excellent young people, we discussed their demands and the best opportunities through jobs and projects for youth empowerment. The focus of the talks were also on the expectations and the progress of the works for the Korça Youth Center, which is a promise kept for young people and is being financed by the National Youth Agency and the Korça Municipality.